With High Potency CHAGA
Mushroom Extract

Scientifically Verified for
Bioactive Compound

Beta-D-Glucan >26% ** Polyphenols >7%


Pullulan Capsules

Dual Extraxt

3rd Party

100% Pure
No Binders or Fillers


100% Pure, High Potency Medicinal Mushrooms

Finest Formula provides you with the most nutrient-dense and health beneficial natural foods backed by scientific facts. Start using them today to rise to today’s health challenges.

Why Choose Our

Modern life exposes our bodies to extensive damage from pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyles. This robs you of the vitality you need to enjoy your work and personal life. Nutrition science can now confirm that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was right in saying “thy food be thy medicine”. But rather than struggling endlessly to create (and keep up with) the perfect diet, Finest Formula delivers to you the purest form of the most nutrient-dense foods packed with active compounds.

Purity Monitor

One must make an active decision to improve one’s health through better nutrition. It is with this in mind that we created the Purity Monitor. With this unique tool, you can truly “Meet Your Food” and be aware of the quality of the product you purchased. Every bottle contains a unique scan-able QR code that reveals the product’s specs. Each batch is tested for bioactive compounds, purity and safety in FDA accredited 3rd party laboratories like Eurofins.