Chaga and Lion’s Mane Mushroom Buying Guide


Chaga and Lion’s Mane Mushroom Buying Guide

Thousands of branded products made from various fungal stages – the fruiting body, mycelium, sclerotium, and spores – are sold worldwide. Mushroom extracts often originate either from the whole fruiting bodies (a reproductive structure), mycelium (an underground network of branching filaments) or their blend. Vegetative mycelium can also form a dense mass (sclerotium) which is considered a means for many fungi to survive environmental extremes and provide nutritional sources to produce fruiting bodies under favorable conditions. Medicinal mushroom extracts are designed to offer high-quality and concentrated products containing all healthy components present in them.


Why Finest Formula Products?

We offer our customers medicinal mushroom extracts that match the potency and quality of preparations utilized in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the extracts used in scientific research. Hot water and alcohol extracts are the only kind of medicinal mushroom supplements ever used in traditional herbal practice or scientifically validated. In contrast, other market alternatives – mushroom and/or mycelium tinctures preserved in alcohol (“cold water extracts”) or non-extracted mycelium powder (mycelium grown on sterilized rice) or fruiting bodies powders – have not been scientifically proven or used in traditional practices. In addition, they contain very low levels of the key bioactive ingredients that can define a mushroom as “medicinal” compared to multistep hot water or alcohol  extracts.

Hot water and alcohol extracts guarantee at least one bioactive ingredient (preferably beta-glucans) that should be listed on the Supplement Facts label. Most mushroom extracts are either hot water extracts only and contain no triterpenes, or they are dual extracts performed in one step (hot water and ethanol extractions combined). One-step combined extraction results in an impure, low potency dual extract that also has a low content of the bioactive compounds compared to high-quality and more efficient multistep extraction procedure, where hot water and ethanol extractions are performed separately.


Premium Quality Chaga Extract

Chaga cannot yet be cultivated to medicinally viable standards, so it must be of wild provenance. We use only the purest quality Chaga from the northern most latitudes in the world when manufacturing our Chaga extract. The Chaga sclerotia are sustainably harvested, tested for environmental pollutants to ensure safety and dried before entering the extraction phase. Chaga contains a wide array of bioactive compounds, which are either soluble in alcohol (sterols) or water (beta-glucans). Therefore, the sclerotia are extracted in two separate extraction procedures – via pressurized hot water and then via organic ethanol extraction, which are repeated multiple times until the fungal material has yielded everything of medicinal value. It is subsequently spray-freeze-dried to create the fine-grain powder, which is 100% free from ethanol/alcohol. Both extracts are then combined and concentrated at a 35:1 ratio. The final product is filler- and additive-free.

supplement_facts_chagaConsidering Chaga, a thorough and pure, multistep extraction of high-quality wild sclerotia should yield a product that is rich in many bioactives naturally present in the highest quantities, such as beta-glucans, triterpenes, polyphenols and betulinic acid. It is therefore important for us to deliver the highest quality certified Chaga product which retains its medicinal value.

Our Chaga product offers the most benefit to your health. We use the source material of the highest quality, the extraction process is thorough and precise resulting in the most potent, effective and valuable for money supplement. Analysis for specific beta-glucans reflects the Chaga product’s potency, and the percentage of triterpenes indicates that a dual extraction has taken place and that many important sterols and triterpenoids are present in the final product. The higher percentages of the main bioactive compounds will indicate that a multistep extraction process has been performed and that the product is of high quality, efficient and filler- and additive-free. Take a look at the authorized Supplement Facts label for this product.


Premium Quality Lion’s Mane Extract

 Our Lion’s Mane product is a concentrated extract produced to the highest quality specifications currently available. It is a multistep dual extract of organically grown Hericium erinaceus 50 % fruiting body and 50 % mycelium (cultivated in liquid).  Such “full-spectrum” extract provides a wider array of nutritional components originating from both the fruiting body and the mycelium. The highest quality source material is ensured by cultivating the fruiting bodies indoors on hardwood logs and liquid fermentation of the mycelium. The fruiting bodies and the mycelium are extracted separately via a multistep process to guarantee the maximum medicinal potency of the product. Alcohol-based extraction has proven to be the most effective way to harness the broadest spectrum of constituents, especially the nerve growth factor (NGF)-stimulating terpenes and polyphenols – the hericenones and erinacines. The two extracts are then combined and vacuum-dried over the course of many days. The final product is pure Lion’s Mane extract that has been tested for the presence of immune-enhancing beta-glucans, terpenes and polyphenols. It is important to keep in mind that beta-glucans are a very important component of medicinal mushrooms, but they alone do not have any regenerative effect on the nervous system. The unique health benefits attributed to Lion’s Mane extract are immune health support and “neural nourishment” – enhancement of cognitive functions such as memory and concentration and promotion of the normal function of neurons.

Finest Formula Lion’s Mane delivers a supreme quality and potency product representing a rich source of the nerve-regenerating compounds that this fungus has to offer. See the product’s Supplement Facts label for the detailed list of bioactive compounds.







Value For Money

 The value (read “therapeutic potency”) and the cost of the product depend on the amount of bioactive ingredients you get for the money spent. The overwhelming majority of extracts on the market do not specify the exact amount of the most valuable bioactives. The presence of starch, dextrin or maltodextrin, common additives in a mushroom product, can artificially increase the overall percentage of polysaccharides and give a false-positive value for the medicinal beta-glucans. Product labels should therefore clearly inform the consumer on what is in the product. Authentic, high-quality extracts are always accompanied by valid certificates of analysis (COA).

We are committed to help our customers to select the most effective and health beneficial mushroom supplements. Our mushroom  supplements are 100% PURE only use extracts from the fruiting body or in combination with the mycelium cultivated in liquid  (Lion’s Mane) and do not include any substrate matter or fillers in its formulation.


Consumer Beware!

Carefully read the Supplement Facts label – it should be detailed enough and show % of bioactive compounds.

Look for mushroom extracts that primarily contain the fruiting body, not just the mycelium in grain.
Avoid products that lack specification about the parts of the fungi used in the extraction.
Is beta-glucan content (percentage) listed on the Supplement Facts label?
Are there other bioactive compounds (triterpenes, polyphenols) present in the product?
Is the product tested for heavy metal, fillers- and additive-free?
Ask for a valid certificate of analysis COA with corespondeting Lot # of your product.

COA should reveal lab results from cGMP manufacturing company and 3rd party FDA acredited labaratories.

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