Purity Monitor

One must make an active decision to improve one’s health through better nutrition. It is with this in mind that we created the Purity Monitor. With this unique tool, you can truly “Meet Your Food” and be aware of the quality of the product you purchased. Every bottle contains a unique scan-able QR code that reveals the product’s specs. Each batch is tested for bioactive compounds, purity and safety in FDA accredited 3rd party laboratories like Eurofins.

Finest Formula - Quality Control

Our Quality Promise

We do everything possible to bring you the highest quality products manufactured using the strictest standards for safety and potency. Our Quality Department controls each production batch for presence of heavy metals and biological contaminants. Each product comes with its own lab analysis data, summed up in the COA (Certificate of Analysis).

cGMP Certified Facility

cGMP stands for “Current Good Manufacturing Practice”. It guarantees that every step of the production is properly controlled, documented and recorded by trained quality specialists in a US cGMP compliant facility. We hold our partners to the same strict standards and guidelines as ourselves, there is no more ambiguity or doubt.

Finest Formula - cGMP
Finest Formula - Premium Supplements

Purest Ingredients​

Nutrient-rich foods are only potent if they are properly produced, stored and packed. Our extraction, purification and packaging processes are conceived to maximize the measure of nutrients in each gram of our products. Our laboratory analysis steps check for the presence, concentration and bio-availability of the active compounds in our food.

We create labels based on our laboratory analysis and not the other way around.

Standard labeling process

Gather raw material

Create label

Test raw material

Create product

Test product

Finest Formula labeling process

Audit product supplier

Gather raw material

Test material for potency with 3rd party laboratories

Test by cGMP manufacturer

Create product

Test product

Create label corresponding with lab results