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Premium Chaga Mushroom Extract

Our 100% Pure Wild-Harvested Siberian Chaga Sclerotia is a robust immune system booster with dual extracted bioactive compounds and antioxidant properties.* High Potency: Beta D Glucans >26%  Triterpenes > 4%



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OUR 100% PURE wild-harvested SIBERIAN CHAGA SCLEROTIA is a robust immune system booster with dual extracted bioactive compounds and antioxidant properties. This is the most potent and effective extract with scientifically provable facts and showcase the true medicinal potency. WITH OVER 26% OF BETA-D-GLUCAN AND OVER 4% OF TERPENES. Our Chaga product is free of fillers, bulking agents, artificial additives, colors and sweeteners.

Finest Formula -Chaga Mushroom Extract

Our Approach

Chaga cannot yet be cultivated to medicinally viable standards, so it must be of wild provenance. We use only the 100% purest quality Chaga from the northernmost latitudes in the world when manufacturing our Chaga extract. The Chaga sclerotia are sustainably harvested, tested for environmental pollutants to ensure safety and dried before entering the extraction phase. Chaga contains a wide array of bioactive compounds, which are either soluble in alcohol (sterols) or water (beta-glucans). Therefore the sclerotia are extracted in two separate extraction procedures – via pressurized hot water and then via organic ethanol extraction, which are repeated multiple times until the fungal material has yielded everything of medicinal value. It is subsequently spray-freeze-dried to create the fine-grain powder, which is 100% free from ethanol/alcohol. The end product is filler- and additive-free.

Considering Chaga, a thorough and pure, multistep extraction of high-quality wild sclerotia should yield an end product that is rich in many bioactive naturally present in the highest quantities, such as beta-glucans, triterpenes, polyphenols, and betulinic acid. It is therefore important for us to deliver the highest quality certified Chaga product which retains its medicinal value.

Our Chaga product showcases the true medicinal potency of the Chaga mushroom. We use the source material of the highest quality, the extraction process is thorough and precise resulting in the most potent, effective and valuable for money supplement. Analysis of specific beta-glucans reflects the Chaga product’s potency, and the percentage of triterpenes indicates that a dual-extraction has taken place and that many important sterols and triterpenoids are present in the end product. The higher percentages of the main bioactive compounds will indicate that a multistep extraction process has been performed and that the product is of high quality, efficient and filler- and additive-free.  See the product’s Supplement Facts label for the detailed list of bioactive compounds.

Finest Formula - Supplement Facts Chaga

Suggested Use

Supplement shoud be taken on an empty stomach, one capsule twice a day, at least 30 min. before meals.

Caution: As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your healthcare professional about the use of this product if you have a serious medical condition or are taking medication. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy consult your healthcare professional prior to using this product. Discontinue use and contact a healthcare professional if you experience an allergic reaction or side effect. Read label ingredients carefully before use and avoid use if known sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Do not exceed suggested use. Keep out of reach of children.

Chaga Questions

Chaga mushroom is also known as the king of mushrooms (as far as we are talking about benefits to human health) with very good reasons. It’s one of the few known natural sources of unique compounds that can boost and regulate our immune system. The sheer combination of these powerful compounds in one organism makes it special. No wonder the Chinese called Chaga the mushroom of immortality.

Birch trees in the Northern temperate zones are the most common hosts for Chaga. Wild Chaga is found in parts of Northern Canada, Russian Siberia and parts of China. It is under these extreme conditions that the mushroom evolved to be one of the most resilient and potent health-giving foods.

Making Chaga extract part of your daily diet regime can result in various health benefits. Top of these benefits includes enhanced vitality due to the Beta-glucans; a robust immune system. Nonetheless, Chaga is an adaptogenic herb. Therefore you should use it consistently, over a prolonged period to experience these benefits.

There are no known side effects of consuming high-quality Chaga extract supplements. High-quality Chaga extract from Finest Formula is completely safe. If you have a unique condition that you’d like to address, we recommend consulting with a licensed health practitioner before you start using.

We always recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner about the use of medicinal mushrooms extract during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There is no scientific research and information available about the potential effects on the pregnancy. It’s best to be on the safe side and not to use medicinal mushrooms while pregnant.

You are taking blood-thinning medications (eg, warfarin) or you are taking diabetic medications or you have kidney disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product

This is a great product packed with health benefits such as boosting immunity, improving your gut flora, thus the digestive health, and increasing your energy and vitality! How do I know this? I have experienced these changes in my life. I no longer spend days in bed fighting off common colds and flu. Since I began taking Chaga mushroom supplement from Finest Formula, signs of flu and cold don’t last two days. People around me have also mentioned that I am more energetic, but I also feel it.

I love the fact that the manufacturers go an extra step to have the product tested for active compounds. This is done by independent, third-party, FDA-approved labs, and it is verifiable. I must say that this is what won me over. I am a hard-to-please person, especially when it concerns health products. But this product walks the talk and turned my life around.

Amazing product with awesome results

I have used this product for about 4 weeks. I have noticed considerably less inflammation in my body as well as 6 lb weight loss with no change in diet or exercise. I use 2 capsules as recommended. Thank you Finest Formula. This product is awesome

Suzan Holmon
Five Stars

Thank you for a quality product.

Peter Mok
I start using it daily.

From my research, this is the best Chaga extract I found. This product is helping me to boost my immune system. The extract is dark/brown color, looks like it contains massive amounts of melanin. Love this product and the transparency of this brand!

Rikka Ledesma
Great Results

I noticed I am more alert mentally on my day to day activity. This is my go to pick me up pill. So happy with my purchase. Thanks!:)