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Premium Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract

Spark and boost your cognitive functioning with our full spectrum of alcohol-extracted Lion’s Mane. Excellent brain food that supports creativity, focus, mood and clarity.* High Potency: Erinacines >4%  Terpenes >7%


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Our PREMIUM LION’S MANE MUSHROOMS EXTRACT is highly enriched in Nerve-Growth-Factor stimulating terpenes and ericanines, through two separate extractions of both mycelium (cultivated in liquid) and fruiting bodies. Only this ADVANCED EXTRACTION METHOD ensure the highest potency and to capture the widest range of bioactive compounds produced by Lion’s Mane.

Finest Formula - Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract

Our Approach

Our Lion’s Mane product is a concentrated extract produced to the highest quality specifications currently available. It is a multistep dual alcohol extract of organically grown Hericium erinaceus fruiting body (50%) and pure liquid-grown mycelium (50%). The highest quality source material is ensured by cultivating the fruiting bodies indoors on hardwood logs and liquid fermentation of the mycelium. The fruiting bodies and the mycelium are extracted separately via a multistep process to guarantee the maximum medicinal potency of the end product. Alcohol-based extraction has proven to be the most effective way to harness the broadest spectrum of constituents, especially the nerve growth factor (NGF)-stimulating terpenes and polyphenols – the hericenones and erinacines. 

The two extracts are then combined and vacuum-dried over the course of many days. The final product is pure Lion’s Mane extract that has been tested for the presence of immune-enhancing beta-glucans, terpenes and polyphenols. It is important to keep in mind that beta-glucans are a very important component of medicinal mushrooms, but they alone do not have any regenerative effect on the nervous system. The unique health benefits attributed to Lion’s Mane extract are immune health support and “neural nourishment” – enhancement of cognitive functions such as memory and concentration and promotion of the normal function of neurons.

Finest Formula Lion’s Mane delivers a supreme quality and potency product representing a rich source of the nerve regenerating compounds that this fungus has to offer. See the product’s Supplement Facts label for the detailed list of bioactive compounds.

Finest Formula - Supplement Facts Lion's Mane

Suggested Use

Supplement should be taken with food, one capsule twice a day, but avoid dairy products containing lactose. Lactose appears to neutralize the antioxidant effects of polyphenols.

Caution: As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your healthcare professional about the use of this product if you have a serious medical condition or are taking medication. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy consult your healthcare professional prior to using this product. Discontinue use and contact a healthcare professional if you experience an allergic reaction or side effect. Read label ingredients carefully before use and avoid use if known sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Do not exceed suggested use. Keep out of reach of children.

Lion's Mane Questions

Lion’s Mane is a supplement extracted from an edible mushroom known as Hericium Erinaceus. The mushroom is a popular diet in parts of South East Asia, China and Japan and it’s well-known because of the amazing effects it has on our brains. It’s a natural nootropic that stimulates Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). Thus it’s also called the brain tonic.

Although the mushroom is known by various names in different parts of the world, the name Lion’s Mane stuck due to its looks. It has long, dangling spines that emerge from a single clump making it look like a pom-pom or a lion’s Mane.

Lion’s Mane mushroom is common in parts of South East Asia, China and Japan. But it can also be found in parts of Europe and North America. It is often found growing on the American beech tree. Due to its popularity, Lion’s Mane is also grown in commercial farms. However, commercially cultivated mushroom, or its extracts, may not have the same qualities. Our unique traceability system assures you of the origins and safety of the raw Lion’s Mane mushrooms used in our products.

Lion’s Mane extract is famed for its brain tonic effects. The extract, which is easier to absorb than in raw form, stimulates the release of Nerve Growth Factor. 

Generally, there are no known side effects of consuming naturally occurring Lion’s Mane or its’ extracts. However, since it’s a mushroom, people with known mushroom allergies or specific medical conditions are advised to consult health practitioners before consuming it. But, Lion’s Mane extracts from Finest Formula are completely safe.

We always recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner about the use of medicinal mushrooms extract during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There is no scientific research and information available about the potential effects on the pregnancy. It’s best to be on the safe side and not to use medicinal mushrooms while pregnant.

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