Purity Monitor

Fully Transparent Purity Monitor

One must make an active decision to improve one’s health through better nutrition. It is with this in mind that we created the Purity Monitor. With this unique tool, you can truly “Meet Your Food” and be aware of the quality of the product you purchased. Every bottle contains a unique scan-able QR code that reveals the product’s specs. Each batch is tested for bioactive compounds, purity and safety in FDA accredited 3rd party laboratories like Eurofins.

You just need to enter your product lot number below or a quick QR code scan of your bottle, and find the whole story about the food you are using daily to improve your health and help your body feel stronger.

Can't Find Your Lot# or QR Code?

Lot number and QR code are located on each side of the label. Enter the Lot number in the flied below or scan your QR code and we will show you labaratory anayalis, where we sourced it  and manufacture it, and bioactive coupounds.

Lates Batch Lab Reports

Lion’s Mane Mushroom


Chaga Mushroom