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Yes! Our products are nuturally GMO-free. We only use 100% botanically derived ingredients.


No, but our products are sourced from certified organic farms, processed in certified organic extraction facilities but our brand however is not certified organic. 

Being organic certified is great but is not a quality indicator in the case of medicinal mushrooms. Objective quality should be revealed in the supplement fact panel on each product showing the percentage of bioactive compounds.

We recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner about the use of medicinal mushrooms extract during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There is no scientific research and information available about the potential effects on pregnancy. It’s best to be on the safe side and not to use medicinal mushrooms while pregnant.


Each person is unique, and the time it takes for medicinal mushrooms to take effect and show results vary. Our unique purity monitor will help you to know the components in a supplement, thus you can administer the right quantity depending on your unique circumstances for the best results. If you want to use our products to address a specific health condition, we recommend consulting a healthcare practitioner before you start.

Keep in mind that medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens. You’ll get better results when you use is consistent over a prolonged period.

The Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is the summary of all the safety and quality tests conducted on a specific production batch. Testing is done for heavy metals, potency, species indentification and bacterial contamination.

Chaga is good any time of day 30 minutes before a meal, We suggest to take the extract together with vitamin C -­ there are indications this may improves the absorption in the intestines.

Lion’s Mane helps your brain to power on, so try it in the morning or early afternoon with your meal.

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